When Brilliance Meets Practicality Vista Plant Pot Sign


It’s almost that time of year again! Spring is coming and with it, the urge to start planting flowers and plants in the rejuvenating garden or rearrange plant pots at your porch.

Vista System, a world leader in way-finding signage, treats projects, large or small, in the same amount of seriousness and reinvents new, exciting signage solutions for any space. As part of its MCFT policy, Vista System develops special solutions for its clientele, apart from its standard catalog. A recent request specified a need for plant pot signs, that will allow easy and fast graphics change, but will also be low-maintenance, practical and easy to use in any environment, be it singular plant pots at home or flower beds in private gardens, public parks and nurseries.

Vista’s R&D department developed a brilliant idea: An aluminum plant pot sign mounted on a plastic stake, designed to be inserted in to plated pots, planters and flower beds. Great for botanical gardens, visitor centers, parks, and locations where displaying the plant name and relevant information is required.

Graphic inserts should be water proof, due to the expected dampness emanating from use of sprinklers, pierced irrigation and of course, the elements. Any solutions, such as engraved stock, Vinyl lettering on a plastic substrate, digital print directly on plastic etc. would do. Paper inserts behind a clear lens are not a recommended method however, encapsulated paper works great.

Additionally, bespoke sizes of the signs in questions, are also available for larger amounts of information required by the end users.


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