Flexible and Easy Updatable Wayfinding Signs at CCFM – Canada

Vista System International, a world leader in modular curved frame technology (MCFT), recently supplied its elegant, easy updateable wayfinding signs to iMAGiNATiON iNK LTD for installation at CCFM – a big and complex cultural center building located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
As a cultural centre, the client was looking for a flexible, modern designed system that could easily be updated. The function of the signs is for visitors to find their way in a centre full of different cultural organizations (tenants) which are spread out in a unique and challenging building.
The wide selection of sign types and sizes offered by Vista System allowed iMAGiNATiON iNK LTD to work with the visibility challenges of the building and to incorporate the bilingual requirements of the client.
A major challenge was to create signage for the very long hallways of the building. A combination of projecting and wall mounted signs were chosen, so visitors could easily determine where the organizations are located without having to walk down the halls.
This was a relatively seamless project. It only took one month to complete once it was approved.

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