Fresh Looking Interior Signs at Lakeview Health Center, CA

Vista System interior signs were recently installed at the Lakeview Health Center, in Lakeport, California. Once again, Vista curved and clean lined signage system proved that Aluminum is as versatile as it gets. The overall result is warm and inviting.

Paramount Sign Contractors , a Vista System Ambassador and long-term client knew exactly what to offer Lakeside Health Center. Familiar with the various solutions Vista has for indoor signage, Paramount chose the best fitting sizes and created the clean graphics to match. Braille was also incorporated to the clear covers in the front of graphics, adhering to ADA requirements.

Together with the cozy decor of the clinic, the end result is as subtle as it gets. That just goes to show that good wayfinding signage should not even be thought of. It is simply there, directing patients and visitors to where they want to go. Indeed – wayfinding signage is only felt when it is missing, which is not the case in Lakeview Health Center.

The entire fitting and graphics took 2 months to complete and a staggering amount of 97 different signs were replaced and branded, to full customer satisfaction.

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